location of Gettysburg Tree Farm

Also Known as the

Breighner Tree Farm

We specialize in:
Landscaping - Pine - Fir - Spruce
 Red Oak - Cristmas Trees

Green Giant Arbovitae
Field grown, starting at $25 for an up to 6 feet tree.

Campfire and/or Firewood. Well seasoned hardwood.
$50 for 1/2 pickup truck load.
$100 for a pickup truck load.
$150 a cord and you pick up.

Call the Breighner Tree Farm and ask for Michael, the number is 717-451-0014.

Other News!

Why visit the Gettysburg Tree farm?

We have a large selection of Big Trees and Cathedral Trees right here in South Central Pennsylvania. Stop by and choose the trees you want that suit your own needs.

Cathedral and Majestic Trees available for the Christmas Season, call now and reserve yours.

Persons to Contact:

Michael Breighner 1-(717)-451-0014
Lance Breighner 1-(717)-479-2573

Contact Email Address:

Tree Farm Address:

2501 Baltimore Pike
Rt. 97 Across From Low Dutch Rd.
Gettysburg, Pa.


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