location of Gettysburg Tree Farm

Also Known as the

Breighner Tree Farm

We specialize in:
Landscaping - Pine - Fir - Spruce
 Red Oak - Cristmas Trees

Landscape Trees
We have a large selection of Landcape Trees with very low prices including Jolly Green Giants and Arbor Vita (2ft. -7ft.) with prices starting at $25. If your interest is deciduous tress, we have Red Oaks and Maple (6ft. -8ft.) with prices starting at $50. We also have some Layland Cypress(6ft.-8ft.), starting at $50.

A wide variety of Conifer trees Available. Please call 717-451-0014 to schecule a visit to the tree farm.

Fruit Trees:
Apple and Peach trees, starting at $15.

Persons to Contact:

Michael Breighner 1-(717)-451-0014
Lance Breighner 1-(717)-479-2573

Contact Email Address:

Tree Farm Address:

2501 Baltimore Pike
Rt. 97 Across From Low Dutch Rd.
Gettysburg, Pa.


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