Christmas Trees


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Images and titles of the Christmas Trees we offer. Descriptions of the Christmas Trees
Concolor Christmas Tree    Concolor Silvery Blue Needles, long retention Fragrant Citrus smell. Trees available in height up to 18'.

Available in larger sizes up to 25'.
    Douglas Fir Short soft blue-green needles. Trees available in height up to 18'.

Available in larger sizes up to 25'.
Frazier Fir Christmas Tree    Frazier Fir Deep Blue Green Needles, long retention up to 12' feet in height. Symetrical, Beautifully lasting six weeks as a christmas tree.

Available in large sizes up to 18'.

Normandy Fir Christmas TreeNormandy Fir

Deep Green soft short needles.

Large sizes available.
White Pine Christmas Tree    White Pine Soft Darkgreen long needles, very fragrant. Long lived native tree. Great for replanting B+B. Disease and insect resistant, great percentage of survival.
Available trees up to 15 feet tall.

Scotch Pine Christmas TreeScotch Pine

Traditional Christmaas Tree, verywell formed with evenly spaced branching. Ideal for light to heavy ornament decorations. Long lived cut tree. Varities of Dark Green to Blueish Green needles. The 1950's and 1960's nostalgic tradition.

Sizes available up to 12'.

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree Blue Spruce

Powder Blue, Dark Blue and Electric blue colored straight stemmed stiff branched trees. Ideal for decoration. Also available, Majestic and Deep Blue strains available.

Large sizes available up to 18'.
Serbian Christmas Tree    Serbian Spruce Blue Green needles. Soft needles, always perfect form with light or no pruning.

Large sizes available up to 18'.
Norway Spruce Christmas Tree    Norway Spruce Dark Green Needles, a very fresh appearance decorated, straight stemmed horizontsl branching. Very Christmas'y tree.

Large sizes available up to 15'..

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